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JVC Art Works :: Giclee prints on Canvas :: 20x24 Prints :: M1126 Flourish ~ Giclee canvas print 20x24

M1126 Flourish ~ Giclee canvas print 20x24
M1126 Flourish ~ Giclee canvas print 20x24 
Those who flourish in life do so not because their lives are easy or without conflict and pain, but because, like the dandelion, they have learned to to adapt and thrive in both the best and worst of environments and situations.They have learned to count their blessings, dwell on the good in the world, and focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses–or those of others. Flourishing people are kind, filled with gratitude, and find some of their greatest joy when they creatively pursue what they love doing. Flourish, then let your seeds of love, kindness, gratitude, and creativity be scattered all around you.

SKU SKU12564
Price: $350.00 (€ 304.50)


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