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June 2009 Newsletter
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Janice's Itinerary

June 28-30, 2009
Kairos Now  
Mountain of Worship
Danny Steyne, Fred Williams
Kennesaw, GA

July 9-11, 2009
Dream Extreme Conference
Art workshop/seminar
Charleston, SC

July 31-August 1, 2009
Women on the Frontlines
Franklin, TN

August 5-9
16th Annual Camp Meeting
Paul Keith Davis, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Neville Johnson, Steven Shelley
Smiths Station, AL

October 23-25, 2009
Expression Florida 2009
Art workshop
Tallahassee, FL

November 12-14, 2009
Phoenix, AZ - Growing in the Supernatural 6
Patricia King, James Goll, Lance Wallnau, JoAnn McFatter



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Immersed in the depths of His love

Sometimes we prefer to talk about going to the heights with God rather than into the depths. It feels safer somehow. But often, Immersiongoing higher into the heavens means we must go deeper and deeper into Him to discover His hidden
mysteries and treasures.

When I was painting this piece, I immediately knew it had to be called Immersion.  I discovered later that immersion means more than just a good dunking or intense mental focus.

In the astronomy world, it refers to the disappearance of one celestial body into the shadow of another celestial body. It also means to be deeply absorbed, engaged, or overwhelmed by something (or hopefully, in our case, by Someone.)

God always intended for us to securely thrive in the shadow of His wing. We are to always abide and be absorbed in Him and engaged by Him so that we are never apart from our source of life and strength. When we are overwhelmed by His love and goodness, nothing else in this life can overwhelm us and cause us to lose our peace and joy.

Going deeper will take us higher. Immersion will allow us to soar.

Finding our wings to fly

My husband, David, unintentionally frightened a fledgling robin last month while doing some yard work. The robin was jolted from a low hedge and awkwardly hobbled across the grass as fast as any little bird could. Nearby Wings to Flywas the neighbor's stalking cat.

We feared the worst, especially if the robin was not mature enough to use his wings and fly to the safety of higher ground. We distracted the cat long enough to allow the little fellow to find a new hiding place and prayed he would soon have wings strong enough to fly away from future dangers.
When we have strong spiritual wings we can soar boldly like eagles and avoid being ensnared or entangled as our little bird nearly was. With our wings, we learn to fly straight under His wing where He promises rest and shelter.

God has promised that we will persevere in our trials and struggles and emerge in brilliant joy and peace. Like the determined butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we will fly high above in breathtaking beauty.

Dream Extreme art workshop/seminar

Have you ever wanted to put what is being revealed to you from heaven into an earthly expression? Maybe you search for the right words. Or perhaps, like me, you are always looking for colors and shapes to portray dreams and supernatural experiences to help you and others better understand the significance of them.

I will be leading a two-hour workshop at the Dream Extreme Conference in Charleston, SC on Saturday, July 11 to help open up your creative portals and give practical pointers on ways to interpret your dreams on canvas. To attend, you must be registered for the entire conference for a minimal cost. I hope you can come! Click below for more information.

Dream Extreme Conference

June Featured Paintings

Amazing Grace

Pearl of Great Price
Shining Free to Live

Janice VanCronkhite
JVC Artworks

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