Releasing the
Art & Creativity of Heaven
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Free to Create Art Retreats

September 13-17, 2017
October 11-15, 2017

Free to Create Art Retreat @ FireCreek Mountain
Burnsville, NC (near Asheville)

Women on the Frontlines Retreats

July 12-16, 2017

Janice's Workshops and LIVE painting events

April 28-30, 2017
Family Faith Community Church
Leif Hetland, Jack Taylor
Janice painting live
Newark, Ohio

Sunday, April 30, 2-4 PM
Free to Create Art Workshop at
Faith Community Church

May 4-6, 2017
Women on the Frontlines World Conference
Phoenix, AZ

November 2-4, 2017
Women of the Front Lines "From Pieces to Peace Filled" Conferences
Joan Hunter and Patricia King
Tomball, TX