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Art & Creativity of Heaven
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Online Personal Art Mentoring

Janice VanCronkhite

For beginning and experienced artists

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced artist, Janice’s personal mentoring provides the focused support to develop and refine your artistic skills and establish you personal style.
Using FaceTime, texting, and emails, you will address and work through your creative blocks with Janice. You’ll receive instruction in acrylic painting on color, texturing, techniques and composition as well as constructive critiquing of weekly assignments or works in progress.
Email Janice to discuss what level of mentoring is right and affordable for you. Weekly mentoring sessions are $150 for four weeks, continuing as long as desired.

Here’s what some of the mentored artists are saying:
“I love painting now. Your gift has saved my life.”
“Thank you for your loving support and incredible teaching.”
“The ongoing constructive critiques are so helpful in the learning process. I’m surprising myself!”
“I’m pushing through the creative blocks and making time to paint! It’s so fun and freeing!”

Janice's Events:
Free to create art Retreats
Women on the Frontlines Retreat
Conference Speaker

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Upcoming Workshops:

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Online Personal Art Mentoring

Suggested Supply List
Soft pastels, or oil pastels
Several sheets of medium weight paper, 11x14 or larger
Paper towels and tarp/plastic tablecloth
Option to bring your full set of water colors or acrylics
Free to Create Workshops
A two-hour, hands-on art and prophetic activation session for churches and groups of any size

“The workshop won me over to the impact of prophetic art because I saw what inexperienced artists with a lot of desire could achieve.”
-church leader

Janice leads two-hour Free to Create workshops where participants begin to overcome obstacles to their creativity and experience significant breakthroughs in their art media. For many, this is the starting point of leaving their fears and inhibitions behind and learning to express their dreams, visions, and heart message in an artistic format that impacts the world around them.

All levels of artists are invited to this time of teaching, sharing, demonstrating, and "going for it.” It is an ideal setting for participants with no experience to “get their feet wet” as well as for experienced artists desiring to move into new realms of their prophetic anointing using their developed talent and skill.

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The first part of the workshop helps participants understand what creativity is as their inheritance from God and what some of the obstacles to artistic expression are, such as fear of man, lack of faith, procrastination, and perfectionism, to name only a few. The second half allows participants to begin to draw and paint, typically using soft pastels, oil pastels, or watercolors.

Janice’s heart is that each participant leave creatively regenerated and activated through her encouraging and impartation gifts.

To schedule a workshop for your church, organization, or group.