Releasing the
Art & Creativity of Heaven
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Free to Create: Releasing the Art and Creativity of Heaven

Now Available

Free to Create invites you to unlock the beauty and power of creativity within you.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist in any medium, Free to Create will help release you into a greater creativity and artistic confidence. Janice VanCronkhite shares the truth about your God-given creative inheritance through her own remarkable story and inspirational paintings and reveals keys that will help you remove the hindrances and blockages

“I love this book...I love prophetic artists...I love Janice VanCronkhite.”
Patricia King, Founder of Extreme Prophetic Ministries

“This book is an amazing expression of God’s visual love in the earth.”
Chuck Pierce, President of Global Spheres, Inc. and Glory of Zion International

    $24.95 Hardback
15.95 Paperback (limited)